Africa the Internet progress frontier

Cybercafe in Mombasa, Kenya. (Photo: Flickr/ Ebel)

Cybercafe in Mombasa, Kenya. (Photo: Flickr/ Ebel)

David Meads President of Cisco Africa, explains that many African cities have been able to bypass fixed-line phone networks and go straight to mobile and wireless services. According to Meads, Africa boasts the fastest mobile subscriber growth in the world, with the average subscription rate at 72% and expected to reach 97% by 2017. This surge in mobility is one of the key factors affecting the growth of economic activity – and GDP.

He believes that increased foreign investment in Africa makes it likely that further major leaps forward will happen in key African technology centres. “Digitisation – forming new connections and connecting the unconnected via the internet – demands high-speed, high-quality and affordable broadband, both wired and wireless. The connection of cities, communities, businesses and even entire countries to what we refer to as the Internet of Everything (IoE) is the best way to expedite growth; it will drive job creation, open up education to more people, improve health, advance welfare and fuel innovation.” Read more

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