Africa’s mobile video explosion a boon for Facebook

Image result for facebook videoA report from Sandvine, ‘Global Internet Phenomena Report: Africa, Asia-Pacific & the Middle East’, revealed that in Africa video consumption on mobile networks in the region has over doubled to 18.1% from 8.6% last year. Since YouTube was the top mobile app in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, Sandvine predicts that in the next 18 months, seeing the rapid video growth in Africa, YouTube will become the top mobile video app in that region as well.

The fall of web traffic associated with the ageing WAP (Wireless Application Portal) in Africa over the past two years also indicates that smartphone adoption in the region is on the rise, giving mobile video apps a platform for the expanding internet-connected population.

“The rapid growth of video on mobile networks in Africa underscores the need for operators in the region to have solutions in place that allow them to measure, monetize and optimize the real time entertainment traffic that subscribers value,” said Sandvine’s COO of sales and global services Tom Donnelly. “These strategies have been extremely successful for our customers in both Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, and has allowed them to provide their subscribers a high quality of experience when they are using the applications they care the most about.”

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