On the brink of acceptable battery life in mobile

The Intel Haswell chipsets should make a big push to longer battery life. This will have a tremendous impact on both laptops and tablets.

Software has factored into the improved battery situation too, as platform developers have learned how to make OSes with a lesser impact on power consumption. Programs running all the time in the background have especially improved to keep power usage down to a minimum.

Processors used in mobile devices, Intel and ARM in particular, have gotten good at gently sipping from the power trough.

The improvement in hardware and software in the mobile space have worked together to greatly reduce the load on the small batteries tucked inside gadgets. This goes hand in hand with device makers that have developed manufacturing techniques eliminating the use of brick type batteries, in favor of free form cells that can be fitted to the sealed casing now in favor. This allows cramming the biggest battery possible in any given gadget.

Extended battery life is quite noticeable in tablets, with many models offering 10 hours or more on a charge. This allows even the heaviest user to get through a whole day without the need to carry the power adapter. This is significant as tablets are awkward to use while plugged into the wall. Read more

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