Behind the scenes at Rocket Internet’s eBay in North Africa

When we hear about Rocket Internet, it’s usually related to massive fundraising, aggressive strategies, and management style (check out our coverage of the various Rocket Internet’s stories here). What we tend to miss is that Rocket Internet’s companies are also startups, with team members working hard to educate and conquer new markets. For Fanny Ponce, the […]

Airtel Zambia gets World Bank funding to offer finance apps

As Africans increasingly gain access to mobile devices, aid and development organizations see them as a pathway to providing access to financial services to a large “unbanked” population, and a deal announced in Zambia this week aims to do just that. The World Banks International Finance Corporation (IFC) is pushing the drive for financial inclusion […]

Africa Underutilise Continent’s 16 Submarine Cable Systems

By Adeyemi Adepetun and Bankole Orimisan DESPITE the berth of about 16 submarine cable systems in Nigeria and other African countries, the continent is still not competitive, especially in terms of content delivery; qualitative Internet service and maximum utilization of the bandwidth facilities. This is compared to its counterparts in Europe, America and Asia. Indeed, […]

Why The Next Steve Jobs Will Come From Africa

Africa is at a techno-cultural turning point that will prove to be as pivotal there as the Industrial Revolution was for Europe. Already, seven of the world’s 10 fastest growing GDPs are in Africa, where leapfrog technologies like cell phones being adopted at staggering rates. Add in some of the youngest populations in the world—millions upon millions of […]