‘Mobile Apps’

Is Africa the mobile advertising world’s sleeping giant?

In terms of capabilities, mobile phones have progressed in leaps and bounds in recent years. So today’s SMS and USSD mechanics of current mobile campaigns can be seen as primitive in the context of some African markets. A few years ago most feature phones in Africa lacked online browsers and related features. Well Opera Mini-powered […]

The Mobile App Evolution: Are you ready to evolve?

We know that applications started with the dawn of computing – because an application is simply a software program that’s designed to perform a function for either a user or another software application. With ‘app’ increasingly becoming a buzzword, many people labour under the assumption that apps exist on mobile only. This misconception is borne […]

App economy drives innovation in Africa

More than 80 percent of market-leading organisations globally already recognise that mobile is fundamentally changing the way they do business. By providing apps and services that directly support the devices and connectivity of their core businesses, Africa’s telcos can improve customer satisfaction, decrease the cost of customer service, and generate sizable efficiency dividends to their […]

Introducing Capetonian phone charging handbags

Tammy Lederle has set up and owned a number of businesses in her life from a catering company to an events agency and has worked for a bespoke handbags company in New York and two leading magazine houses here at home. But passion and a knack for business led her to start her own company, which sells locally makes stylish […]