‘Mobile Money’

Airtel Zambia gets World Bank funding to offer finance apps

As Africans increasingly gain access to mobile devices, aid and development organizations see them as a pathway to providing access to financial services to a large “unbanked” population, and a deal announced in Zambia this week aims to do just that. The World Banks International Finance Corporation (IFC) is pushing the drive for financial inclusion […]

Report: Ten mobile phone markets to watch in Africa

Ten ‘off-the-beat’ African countries are projected to hold 81 million mobile subscribers by the end of 2018, according to a report from the Arab Advisors Group research body. The likes of Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya have become sub-Saharan Africa’s mobile market poster children as each of these countries respectively has over 120 million, 50 […]

Three Trends That Will Make A Difference In Mobile Payments

Of the multiple, easily identifiable trends spurring growth in mobile payments, these three have the greatest potential to drive mobile adoption at both ends of the transaction – for the consumer and for the merchant. 1. Services Before and After the Transaction Continuing on the payments versus commerce debate, at this point in the mobile […]

Mpesa African technology expands in Europe

Nairobi – Africans have long used technology developed abroad, but now a Kenyan cash transfer network which bypasses banks is being adopted in Europe. The M-Pesa mobile money transfer system which allows clients to send cash with their telephones has transformed how business is done in east Africa, and is now spreading to Romania. “From […]