CIA invests in the AWS cloud despite security concerns

Despite recurring cloud security breaches, the number of government agencies and private corporations moving to the cloud is higher than ever. Jeff Kaplan discusses the CIA’s decision to move to, and invest in, the AWS cloud.

Despite lingering debate about the security of today’s cloud services, the CIA has publicly acknowledged that it is investing approximately $600 million with Amazon Web Services to meet its escalating big data and global intelligence needs.

Even as a new round of scandals surrounding the cloud has emerged with nude photos being exposed from the personal Apple iCloud accounts of various Hollywood celebrities, the number of government agencies and private sector corporations moving to the cloud continues to grow.

Even after the NSA surveillance revelations of the past few years, the CIA’s decision to make a big bet on cloud services ironically comes at a time when many corporate executives and end users are apprehensive about the government’s role in violating their privacy. Read more

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