Introducing Capetonian phone charging handbags

Technology advancement provides for a fashionable must-have accessory…..

Tammy Lederle has set up and owned a number of businesses in her life from a catering company to an events agency and has worked for a bespoke handbags company in New York and two leading magazine houses here at home. But passion and a knack for business led her to start her own company, which sells locally makes stylish leather mobile charging bags for men and women among other things.

Lederle started Brandnew in 2009, a full service creative, communications, back-end website development and events agency in Cape Town, with clients such as the Springboks, Reebok and Oakley.

Recently, a trip to Australia gave her the inspiration to develop a concept for mobile charging purse division that she could start in South Africa after seeing a few in Sydney.Read more…

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