The Mobile App Evolution: Are you ready to evolve?

We know that applications started with the dawn of computing – because an application is simply a software program that’s designed to perform a function for either a user or another software application. With ‘app’ increasingly becoming a buzzword, many people labour under the assumption that apps exist on mobile only.

This misconception is borne from the fact that while applications are as old as computing, the ability to access these apps on the move really only gained traction with smartphone technology. It’s also true that more and more businesses rely on their applications being remotely accessible to staff and customers. It’s an obvious preference: with the advent of mobile computing, businesses need to be accessible 24/7 and allow customers and staff to engage remotely. Mobile-first briefly became the rallying call – but it’s out of date already. The world’s best application building software allows applications to be instantly available across all device types. Read more

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