Mobile app penetration in Africa

Experts predict that mobile applications will be the next big thing in five years in Africa. A host of new mobile phone applications, developed by software designers across the continent, are promising to boost development and business growth. More and more business and service providers are going mobile, in South Africa all commercial banks have mobile app. We have seen a dramatic changes in the tech world, most radio stations in South Africa are also going to the mobile app route.


With more than 700 million mobile broadband subscribers across the continent, it’s no surprise that the growing number of young entrepreneurs are jumping on the digital trend and creating innovate, interactive content for the African market. Millions of people in Africa are embracing the technology by downloading apps every day.

The mobile app penetration has opened up opportunities for entrepreneurs and has changed the way business is done in the continent’s banking, agricultural, telecoms and pharmaceutical sectors. A lot of transformation has begun to take place in even the remote places in Africa. Read more 

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