Mobile phones have transformed life in Africa

Image from gettyimages

Image from gettyimages

Africa claims to be the “mobile phone continent” of the world. More than half of the population owns a mobile phone, while landline telephones have rarely existed on the continent. It’s estimated than just two per cent of all Africans have a landline, while in the US, 60 per cent are still connected to a landline.

It was predicted that at the end of 2014 nearly 600 million Africans owned a mobile phone, and it’s this mobile phone generation who are causing a surge in entrepreneurship.Considering that in 2000 just one per cent of the African population owned a mobile phone, it becomes evident that this increase is staggering. While disparity still exists here, mobile phone usage is helping to even out the playing field a little – for example in 2014, 92 per cent of adult Tanzanians sent a least one text. Read more

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