Network operators will make USD 6.9 billion from undelivered text messages in 2013

How many texts go missing? Stories of texts turning up hours or even days after they were sent – and the consequences – are many and legion. After the weather, it’s probably in the Top 10 of what people talk about in the UK.

But missing texts – ones that are never received – are more difficult to track, as the intended recipient may never know that there was a text for them, and the sender may conclude they have a friend who never replies to texts!

TelecomsMarketResearch is monitoring text transmission times in the UK to establish what the incidence of delayed or missing texts is.

By 8 July 2013 some 390 texts had been generated in the program. Of these, 12 (3%) have not arrived. This is despite ‘message delivered’ confirmations being generated by the networks. Read more

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