Facebook says 360 video will be “commonplace” and VR will grow

Facebook is continuing to promote video content on its primary platform at the expense of the written word.

Quartz reports Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn, who heads up its operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, telling a conference in London yesterday that in five years’ Facebook will “probably” be “all video”.

She also apparently suggested 360 video will be “commonplace” and VR is set to grow. (Albeit Facebook owns the virtual reality outfit Oculus Rift so the company would say that.)

“The best way to tell stories in this world, where so much information is coming at us, actually is video,” she is quoted as saying. “It conveys so much more information in a much quicker period. So actually the trend helps us to digest much more information.”

“We’re seeing a year-on-year decline of text… If I was having a bet I’d say: video, video, video,” Mendelsohn added. Read more

CISCO, Africa a renowned mobile centric hub

Africa’s internet traffic will grow six-fold by 2020, when the Middle East and Africa internet traffic will be equivalent to 527 times the volume of the region’s in 2005.

People accessing the internet like these people using Ushahidi, will drive Africa’s internet traffic to grown six-fold in next four years.

People accessing the internet like these people using Ushahidi, will drive Africa’s internet traffic to grown six-fold in next four years.

Africa will also be the fastest growing region, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, which covers the years 2015-2020.

Calling Africa “a renowned mobile centric hub”, Cisco says there will be about 1,.5 networked devices per capita in 2020, of which 77% will be mobile. The average mobile connection will be 5Mbps, while fixed broadband speed will increase 2.4 fold, it predicts.

“The digital transformation is happening now for billions of consumers and businesses users across the globe,” says Cathy Smith, general manager for Cisco South Africa. “Increased connectivity and internet usage will positively impact South Africa’s digital migration journey.”

Globally, mobile data traffic will grow 15-fold from 2015 to 2020, a compound annual growth rate of 71%, or twice as much as wired usage. Mobile will grow to 40% of total IP traffic in 2020, up from 15% in 2015.

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Windows 10 offers Facebook, Instagram and Messenger apps for PCs and Tablets

Windows 10 InstagramMicrosoft has revealed that Windows 10 will offer consumers the opportunity to download, via the Windows Store, the latest Facebook and Messenger apps for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets. To add to the news, the official Instagram app for Windows 10 mobile will be rolling out in tandem with the other apps, across the globe, and will be available on the Windows Store.

Designed to run quickly and easily within Windows 10 and have the most up-to-date features, Facebook built Windows-only experiences into all three of these apps such as Live Tiles, which lets you quickly see new posts, messages and photos right from your home screen. Read more

World’s ‘Lightest’ IM Service Jongla Launched At Lagos Mobile Conference

Jongla has announced that it is launching its fast, open and light instant messaging app in Africa at the Mobile West Africa conference taking place today and tomorrow in Lagos.

Jongla enables users to send and receive unlimited free text messages, stickers, photos, videos and funny voice messages over the Internet using low-speed Wi-Fi networks as well as 4G, 3G, EDGE and GPRS.

It opens up the world of free instant messaging to people living and working in Africa, where cellular and data services are often unreliable and expensive. The Jongla app has been specifically designed for emerging markets, because it takes only 2.5MB to download on Android phones compared to more than 20MB for most other messaging apps.

Jongla has also a number of other free appealing features for people looking to communicate with their friends, family and colleagues. They include: the Jongla Out for free chat with contacts, Voice messaging with fun filters to voice messages, security and reliability given its super fast message delivery, easy sharing of text messages, voice messages, photos, videos and interactive stickers in addition to group chat with up to 100 friends.

Riku Salminen, CEO of Jongla, said “We have made instant messaging possible for people who don’t have high-end smartphones and live and work in areas where there is often limited access to mobile broadband. Read more