Cell Phones Revolutionize African Industry

About 4 billion people use their pay as you go cell phone plans, or the latest smartphone, to access a world of knowledge and information through the Internet.  That’s four times the number of those who use personal computers to do the same thing.  Two-thirds of these avid cell-phone users are from developing nations. According to the World Bank, African subscription numbers are growing rapidly. Read More

The rise of mobile technology for recruitment

Smartphone and mobile tablet technology has grown exponentially over the previous five years both in terms of technology and usage.  It’s highly likely that you’re currently reading this article on your phone or tablet Read More

Africa’s apps: farming to gaming

Digital enterprise on the continent has sparked a range of user-friendly programs, from chat forums and photo-sharing sites to the first mobile ‘cow calendar’ Read More

Mobile technologies boost healthcare service delivery

M-health can broadly be defined as the use of mobile technology to deliver medical services. There already exist medical platforms that have allowed for patient data to be accessed remotely via online channels and the provision of a mobile interface Read More