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Mobile data set to explode in Latin America, Middle East, Africa

Mobile Internet revenue will rocket in Latin America and the Middle East over the next five years, latest research claims, with some users downloading upwards of 2.5GB of data on average per month. Latest data from ABI Research suggests only three regions — Latin America, Middle East, and Africa — will see mobile Internet data traffic double in […]

Modem to improve African net access

A modem designed specifically for Africa has been announced at the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh. The device combines rugged design with a range of connectivity options, switching between wi-fi, 3G and fixed broadband. Ushahidi, the Kenyan tech firm behind BRCK, believe Africa-specific hardware is long overdue. Director Juliana Rotich hopes it will kickstart a hardware […]

As mobile explodes in Africa, Nairobi is emerging as a leader in the region’s tech scene

If the future of computing lies in mobile and the fastest growth in mobile uptake will come from poor countries, Africa is where much of the action will be. Kenya, a stable country with an impressive history of investment in communications technology, has emerged as a leader in the region. This month, Nairobi became the […]