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Mobile Tech- Africa’s Tech Edge

How the continent’s many obstacles, from widespread poverty to failed states, allowed African entrepreneurs to beat the West at reinventing money for the mobile age Mobile money exploded in Africa because the continent’s cash economy was ripe for disruption. Even as the number of city dwellers wishing to send money to rural relatives surged, the […]

Africa will rule the world in mobile money

Mobile money transactions – African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania have been predicted to rule the world in mobile money transactions, which include mobile banking and mobile wallet, in the next few years, going by the continent’s population and zeal for technology advancement. Head, Marketing and Strategy at Ericsson, Mr. Shiletsi Makhofane, who made […]

Over 23m Kenyans use mobile money services

A report posted by GSMA Mobile for Development, which forms part of the membership-driven organisation’s Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU) Programme, states that the number of Kenyans using mobile money services has surpassed 23 million. The Programme was established to encourage co-operation and collaboration between mobile operators and the financial industry to ensure delivery […]

Modem to improve African net access

IT IS budget season in east Africa and the spending is easy. A shopping list of roads, pipelines, ports and public-sector pay rises prompted Uganda and Tanzania to hike their planned expenditure for 2013/14 by 21%; Kenya’s spending is projected to rise by 12%. With Western aid declining and oil-and-gas income yet to flow, the […]