Cloud Based PC Bridges the Gap Between Tablets And Desktop

CloudGate is an Android-based desktop replacement that aims to deliver the rich environment of Android, and ability to access any Windows applications you need, all at a fraction of the cost of a desktop computer.

CloudGate, the new computer from Cloudware Technologies (a MICROmega company), combines the simplicity of the Android operating system with the creative tools of the traditional desktop to create “a powerful new hybrid device that invites people to create, not just consume” according to Cloudware’s MD Brian Timperley.

“Tablets and smartphones are fantastic ‘read’ devices, but they’re less capable as ‘write’ tools,” says Timperley. “They’re primarily about consuming stuff that other people have created, whether it’s a book, a movie, a YouTube video, an email or a magazine article. But if you want to create anything more significant than an Instagram photo or a Facebook post, the touchscreen interface can be a limitation.” Read more

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