EU cuts mobile data roaming by 36% in Europe, making Internet access abroad a whole lot cheaper

The price caps for mobile data roaming in Europe have been slashed by 36 percent today, making it far cheaper for travelers to connect to the Internet with their smartphone or tablet when they travel abroad.

Downloading data is now capped at 45 cents per megabyte, in addition to VAT. The cost of making a call has also been lowered to 24 cents per minute, a 17 percent reduction in comparison to 2012.

For too long, accessing the Internet while traveling in Europe has been an incredibly expensive and stressful experience. The cost varies between mobile operators, but it’s usually so pricy that most people turn off their device’s Internet connection as soon as they cross the border, rendering it useless for anything other than texts and calls.

The new price caps are no doubt an improvement, and will make data roaming at least an option for those who are desperate to check Google Maps or their email inbox on the move. Read more

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