Innovations reboot Africa

Image result for mobile in africaTechnology in the last two decades had revolutionised the whole of industrial segment. A look back reveals the incredible story of what was once treated as a threat to workforce has now taken the centre stage globally.  Technology has integrated itself to industry and people in no time. Started with email becoming popular in the 90’s, followed by telecom- from a stationed equipment on the desk, it swiftly and silently revamped the telecom with pagers and now to mobiles. It didn’t stop there; use of robots in industry, followed by automation and with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) now to unmanned remote controlled drones, the technology is ever changing.

As mobile has become a standard feature and accessible to all classes of people, the efforts are made in developing mobile based industry applications. Automation and mobile applications have enabled industrial segments to simplify the process and made access it from anywhere in the world.

Technology adaptations central to Africa’s future
The story is no different in Africa, a continent which was written off by many of the developed countries a decade ago is not too far behind in technology adaptations. While the other parts of the globe witnessed step by step advancements, Africa was fortunate enough to bypass several steps and get the matured applications. All thanks to the delays in reaching Africa.

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