From Kenya to Madagascar: The African tech-hub boom _Erik Hersman

There’s a buzz, a palpable energy, running through the corridors of Africa’s capitals and urban areas, and much of it revolves around tech.

What happens when smartphones outsell computers four to one, and 50% of a continent’s population is below the age of 20?

You have a technology-literate mobile generation unlike any that has come before.

This week finds me in Botswana.  I’ve talked to a couple of start-up entrepreneurs – Pule Mmolotsi, who is testing out an Oyster-like card for public transportation in the country, and Katy Digovich, who is creating apps for the Ministry of Health.

They represent what I continue to see across the continent – a new generation trying new ideas and taking to technology.

African governments aren’t fast or savvy enough to build the infrastructure needed to support this type of entrepreneurial tech activity. Read More

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