Mobile app developers? here are 8 great testing tools rapid proliferation of mobile devices presents a particular nasty testing issue for mobile app developers. With so many operating system versions, browsers, and devices in circulation, ensuring a quality experience across all combinations can be nearly impossible, especially when you have a limited number of devices on hand.


Appium is an open source mobile test automation framework aimed primarily at functional testing for your app’s UI. It can be used with native, hybrid, or web apps, and it allows developers of native apps to test without adding an SDK or having to recompile.


Bugsee is a cloud-based tool that monitors and records the state of a system, offering bug and crash reports with bug information sent to the developer’s bug tracker.

Bitbar Testdroid

Billing itself as “devops for mobile testing and monitoring,” Bitbar’s Testdroid is available as a public or private cloud service or as an onsite testing service. Bitbar Public Cloud (Testdroid Cloud) provides a cloud-based mobile device farm with thousands of Android and iOS devices for automated and manual mobile app testing.


The CrossBrowserTesting service provides access to a device lab in the cloud, saving developers from dealing with virtual machines, device labs, and cross-browser testing, according to the company.

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