Mobile Apps That Are Saving Lives In Africa

Technology has an important role to play in African daily life, and in fact, some mobile apps that have been created contribute to saving lives.

Image result for mobile apps in africaMobile apps are easily accessible, often free or cost-effective, and can be used on the go.

Whether helping to enhance healthcare, assist with security or summon law enforcement, the mobile apps on this list have been designed specifically to deal with challenges and assist African communities with crucial elements of their lives.

Here are 12 mobile apps that are saving lives in Africa.


This app helps doctors to document evidence of sexual violence in the DR Congo, recording medical examination results digitally along with photos of injuries, which can be sent to police or lawyers as necessary, potential saving lives in the process.

Hello Doctor

Available in 10 African countries, Hello Doctor provides healthcare information that is updated daily, while providing access to healthcare advice via doctors who answer questions posed to them by users of the mobile application.

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