Mobile, Tablet Video Streaming Sees Major Year-Over-Year Jump

elevision is changing, and so are the devices we watch it on.

A new study from Ooyala, a digital video provider with customers like ESPN, FOX Sports and Comedy Central, found that mobile and tablet video consumption grew 133% year-over-year. Video that was streamed to tablets and mobile devices accounted for 15% of all streamed video in Q3, a new record, according to Ooyala’s Global Video Index.

The report takes into account more than 200 million unique monthly viewers from 130 different countries, says Simon Jones, Ooyala’s solutions director. In fact, Q3 isn’t even a traditionally popular quarter for video streaming, he added, citing a lack on season television programming and summer vacations as reasons people consume less video.

The amount of video consumed on tablets and smartphones continues to rise.

The average video consumer watched 46 minutes of live, streamed video last quarter, according to the report. This doesn’t seem substantial considering how many hours the average American watches TV (nearly three hours per day in 2012), but it does not include streamed content that is not live, like Netflix, YouTube videos or re-runs.

Tablets and phones aren’t restricted to short, bite-sized videos either. Tablet and mobile viewers spent 57% of their viewing time watching videos more than 10 minutes long.

Image: Jean-Sebastien Evrard/AFP/Getty Images

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