Behind the scenes at Rocket Internet’s eBay in North Africa

When we hear about Rocket Internet, it’s usually related to massive fundraising, aggressive strategies, and management style (check out our coverage of the various Rocket Internet’s stories here). What we tend to miss is that Rocket Internet’s companies are also startups, with team members working hard to educate and conquer new markets.

For Fanny Ponce, the North Africa Manager of Kaymu, the forefront marketplace in Africa, which belongs, like Jumia, Hellofood, Lamudi, Carmudi, and Jovago, to Africa Internet Holding (AIH), the joint venture launched by Rocket Internet in Africa and African telcos MTN and Millicom, the pressure and the insecurity are as intense as in any other startup.  She agreed to talk about Kaymu’s challenges and success in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. read more

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