Top 10 tips from Africa’s tech entrepreneurs

Few now doubt the potential of Africa’s tech scene. Analysts and economists the world over frequently cite Africa as the ‘next big thing’, primed to pick up the reigns from where the economies of the ‘Asian Tigers’ left off. The continent has always had entrepreneurs, but never before has so much attention been focused toward their activities, the success of which is seen as vital to African development.

By George Bodie

However, this attention has brought with it many questions: How can a budding startup culture be nurtured? What are the barriers holding back entrepreneurs? And how can edTech, one of Africa’s most innovative and important industries, lead the way?

To help answer these questions, eLearning Africa arranged a Twitter Chat with four of the continent’s leading edTech entrepreneurs: Rebecca Enonchong, founder of AppsTech in Cameroon, a leading global provider of enterprise application solutions; Mac-Jordan Degadjor, co-founder of digital media marketing company Africa New Media in Ghana; another Ghanain, Raindolf Owusu, the founder of open source software developer Oasis Websoft; and Kenyan Tonee Ndungu, the founder of textbook app Kytabu. Here are 10 lessons we learnt from the session, which proved a massive success, providing those interested in the untapped potential of the African education market with a key list of dos and don’ts. Read more

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